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End Of Everything > bit.ly/1t4xaSr

End Of Everything, books Cecelia Ahern

Only the organisms that live deep underground will survive, as they have already for billions of years. .. Perhaps well wrap it up in a mass extinction event, such as the one that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, or the Great Dying, 251 million years ago that killed 70% of land species and 96% of all marine species. The End of Everything 10100 years and beyond When the last black hole evaporates, all that will remain in the Universe are photons of radiation, and elementary particles that escaped capture by black holes. The Universe will seem static and unchanging. Any galaxy that crosses this horizon will fade away from view, until its last photon reaches us. Everything else will be lost to interstellar space. There will also be neutron stars and black holes left over from the time where there were stars in the Universe.

End of the Sun 7.5 billion 1 trillion years When the Sun becomes a red giant, thats only the beginning of the end. FOLLOW HUFFPOST HuffPost Books HuffPost Books HuffingtonPost Available on the App Store Android App on Google Play Get it at Blackberry App World HUFFPOST NEWSLETTERS Enter your email address to get top stories and blog posts emailed to you each day. Its not much, and its not fast, but black holes release a tiny amount of radiation back into space. It will then expand into a red giant star, consuming each of the inner planets: first Mercury, then Venus, and finally encompassing even the orbit of Earth. Subscribe to Universe Today via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The merger process will be complete approximately 7 billion years from now. The chances are low, I give you that but given enough time, its just a matter of when. Look forward millions, trillions, and even 10100 years into the future.

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